Here are ten reasons why we believe we stand out from the crowd…

  1. Reasonable Fee Levels: All of our quotes regarding fees are up front and in advance.
    We take a no ambiguity, fixed fee approach and we have several payment options to make
    it as easy as possible for you.
  2. Returning Calls and Accessibility: We take this very seriously. As a client, you get
    multiple points of contact to WDA staff and partners. Partners are always able to meet
    clients to ensure all angles are covered.
  3. Client Advice: Our partners think and act like business people first and accountants
    second. Accountants are focused on compliance (i.e. the past), whereas business
    people / entrepreneurs look forward. We do both.
  4. A Timely Submission of Your Tax Return: We have a detailed finalisation meeting with
    you well in advance of the tax deadline to avoid any ‘last minute panic.’
  5. Your Compliance Work Is Completed On-time, Every Time: We have a unique ‘3-
    way system’ of compliance to ensure you meet you deadlines EVERY time.
  6. Professional Audit Approach: All WDA audits are planned well in advance with clients
    to aid your planning as well as ours. Deadlines are agreed and adhered too i.e.
    commencement, cessation and finalisation dates are planned with the client in mind. Our
    aim is to complete and sign off all audits within 2 – 3 months of year end (or earlier if clients
  7. Audit Exempt Accounts Prepared To Appropriate Standard
  8. Great Tax Advice: Not just tax compliance but actual tax planning for your future, along
    with advice and planning for unforeseen events.
  9. Good Professional Relationship: We’re genuinely focused on having healthy personal
    relationships with our clients. Our client satisfaction and happiness are paramount to our
    success and yours, and this is one of the reasons we believe we are lucky to enjoy extreme
    loyalty from clients.
  10. General Business Advice: As well as being accountants, we are business people. The
    advice you get from WDA on running your company are practical recommendations
    based on making your business more profitable. Because we have over 450 clients, we
    can make industry comparisons to help highlight why one company is profitable over
    another – and more importantly, recommend changes that will work.

Having read all of the above, don’t you think it’s worth getting more information?
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