WDA offer extensive market experience in Risk Management

For many in the Charity Sector Risk Management is in an evolutionary phase, and for some a revolutionary phase, as the sector is growing into a phase of risk maturity. Many organisations have commenced compiling risk registers and the various supporting documents.

We are working with organisations to help move into the next phase of risk maturity where we adapt the current risk environment to ensure that the Board of Directors have set a Risk Appetite Statements. The parameters for risk management within Appetite and Capacity have been understood by both the Board and the Management Team. We assist with the design and implementation of fit-for-purpose Risk Management Policies and Risk Management Handbooks.

To further embed the culture of risk management and understanding we provide Risk Training. We can start with Demystifying Risk to introduce officers to the risk lexicon and explain the concept or for more mature risk functions we can facilitate risk review workshops.

The Charities Regulator published a Risk Management for Charities Guidance document which contained the regulator’s defined risk categories.  We would recommend that you complete a gap analysis of your existing risk register to esnure that all of the below categories have been considered. If you don’t yet have a register then they should be used as the basis for your initial review.  The seven categories as set out in the guideance are listed below for your reference:

– Governance

– Strategic

– Compliance (legal or regulatory)

– Operational

– Financial

– Environmental

– Reputational

If you need support in completing your risk assessments or want an independent review of the work already complete please do not hesiste to contact us.


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