WDA offer tailored solutions for your organisational needs

The not for profit and charity sector in Ireland has had to complete an exhaustive overhaul of how it conducts itself over the past number of years and the journey is only beginning. In November 2018 the CRA introduced ‘The Charities Governance Code’ for Ireland. For the first time in Ireland Charities will be required to complete a self-assessment of their compliance with the code and report directly to the CRA on the findings. See our blog post for more information: Charities Governance Code

As a result of the sweeping changes to the sector over the past number of years ‘Governance, Risk, Compliance and Strategy’ are all now words that are firmly on the agenda of Boards across the country. So whether you’re still on the adoption journey or have embedded the principals of the Governance code WDA can tailor a solution to fit your organisational needs.

WDA have developed a range of services designed specifically for the Charity and Not for Profit Sector. We have a skilled team with a broad range of experience in charity and not for profit organisations and will be on hand to help your organisation deliver on it’s goals.

Tailored Services for the Not for Profit and Charity Sector include:

Accounting and Finance

Corporate Governance

For any of the above services we would be delighted to furnish you with a detailed tender and scoping document on request. All engagements are tailored to the organisation’s needs and all fees are agreed in advance, there are no hidden charges.

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