Whelan Dowling & Associates are delighted to offer professional outsourced Risk and Compliance Services to the Credit Union sector. These services are provided as separate and distinct engagements and fulfill the obligation on Credit Unions to have effective Risk and Compliance functions whilst utilising our extensive market experience to add value in the execution of the role.

Benefits to your Credit Union in outsourcing your Risk and
Compliance Functions

  • Specific Risk and Compliance functions designed and tailored to adhere to the Credit Union
  • Act and handbook
  • A Reporting Framework that’s been developed to deliver practical and relevant information to
  • Management team and Board of Directors.
  • Risk and Compliance Officers with extensive credit union experience in risk, compliance,
  • internal audit and governance.
  • Fixed costs – agreed in advance (no hidden extras)
  • Continuity in delivery of service – no succession issues through staff rotation/cessation.
  • No training of staff required
  • No employment law or HR issues
  • No concerns with regard to Risk and Compliance functions in a PRISM inspection
  • Remove potential conflicts of interest arising from dual roles (i.e. CEO + RMO)
  • Facilitate training for Management Team and Board of Directors