GDPR Compliance Programme

WDA have developed a detailed Data Protection Plan which incorporates 3 distinct stages in GDPR / Data Protection Process.

  • Stage 1 – GDPR Readiness
    • Review current status of the company in regard to our GDPR readiness journey using our Data Protection questionnaires and completing a gap analysis. Once the gaps have been identified, a remediation programme is developed and implemented, with timelines, owners and budgets.  Testing will be undertaken to verify all obligations have been closed.
    • For more detail see:  Stage 1 – GDPR Readiness
  • Stage 2 – GDPR Embedding
    • Data Protection doesn’t end on the 25th May 2018, if anything it is the commencement of a continual process for the company, representing a significant cultural change. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) or outsourced DPO will embed a culture of Data Protection Compliance within the organisation.  The company has a clear and explicit responsibility under GDPR to evidence “Demonstrably Compliance” on an ongoing basis.
    • For more detail see:  Stage 2 – GDPR Embedding
  • Stage 3 – GDPR Review & Monitoring
    • Development of an Annual Data Protection Compliance Plan with specific areas for testing and levels of coverage documented on a risk-based audit approach. The DPO is a protected role, but there is no reporting structure set-out under the GDPR regulations. Under this stage we will develop a comprehensive report for submission to the senior management team on a quarter basis, aligned to the Annual Data Protection Compliance Plan.
    • For more detail see: Stage 3 – GDPR Monitoring

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