Review & Audit Current Credit Union IT systems

Information systems are constantly changing to take account of new regulations, additional services and advancements within technology.  Therefore your current IT systems may not be applicable / fit for purpose for your Credit Unions needs and that of it’s members.

WDA have developed a strategic relationship with a number of Credit Union IT providers and consultants to ensure that what you require and what you actually have from an IT point of view match exactly.  In addition your IT systems should be designed with future expansion and changes in mind, and therefore easily adaptable.

Our team of IT specialists are fully independent and have indepth knowledge of all the Credit Union packages in the market place.  They will conduct a full independent IT audit on both software and hardware (to include the network) and report back to the board with recommendations.

With the reliance now more so than ever on computers and IT, it is vital that the Credit Union has a disaster recovery plan in operation.  But more importantly that the plan is verified and validated independently each year.  If you are  obliged to carryout annual fire drill, you should be obliged to verify the IT backup procedures work on an annual basis.

We produce a comprehensive tender document for the Boards consideration, which sets-out a full schedule of tasks that must be completed within the engagement. This will ensure there is absolutely no ambiguity to the scope of the engagement.

All professional fees are agreed between WDA and the Credit Union prior to the commencement of the engagement at a mutually agreeable level, so there is no hidden surprises or overruns.

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